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 The  Hookup Dock allows for multiple device charging including wireless  charging.  

Perfect for behind the bar or public table top with power  outlet. Charge customers cellphone

Charge up to 5 devices.  

Includes charging cord and a desktop  lock.

Use at Restaurants, Bars, Casinos, Hotels, 

Schools, Doctor's Offices, Auto Dealers & more.


Wireless charging pad.

23400 mAh battery (18650 style) (46800mAh option).

2.5 amps each charging port.

CE/ROHS/FCC Certified.

5 x 5 x 2.5 

(120 x 120 x 60 mm)

Comes with two Lightning, two Micro USB tips.

Custom charging tips request welcomed at no

additional charge.

Easily change each retractable charging tip.

They are heavy duty and will last a long time.

Replacements are $12.99 each.

Left side:

Power button with 4 LED indicator.

Right side:

Power, lock for cable and USB charge port.


Wireless charging for 1 device.


Logo/Advertisement, same size as front.


1) Add your own logo or advertisement, front and back.

2) Custom body colors available upon special order.

3) 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

HBC-D1 / DC-P01

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