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The Original Hookup Bar Caddy

Give Your Bar or Restaurant the Hookup Edge

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The Original Hookup Bar Caddy

No More lost cables - Get retractable.
Standard size fits napkins, straws, stirrers.
Customize with any full color logo front and sides.

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The Hookup Dock

Retractable and wireless charging, up to 6 devices.
Rechargeable, Portable, lockable, Long Lasting.
Customize with any full color logo front, rear and sides.

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The Hookup Discs

Customers can charge their phones while waiting for for their order, then, page the customer with buzz or tone on the same device when order is up.

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Looking for the Best Cell Phone Charging Station?

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Hookup 2 Charge Up Your Customers’ Experience With The Bar Caddy Phone Charger!

Your customers play an integral role in the success of your business. As a business owner, you should be cognizant of what makes your customers happy, and figure out ways to solve problems to improve their experience in your establishment. A dead cell phone battery is one of those challenges.

Never again will you have to be handed another dead phone to be charged behind the bar. It happens often, doesn’t it? With The Hookup Bar Caddy, your customers will be able to do that on their own, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best. Here at The Hookup, our goal is to help bars and restaurants retain customers, improve customer experience, and generate more revenue.

The answer? A mobile phone charging station.

The Best Bartop Cell Phone Charging Station

There’s no denying the chaos that erupts when dealing with a dead cell phone battery. No matter where it happens, it’s our instinct to find the nearest charger or mobile phone charging station until that display screen lights up once again. Sure, some people aren’t as pressed to turn their phones back on right away, but if this happens to one of the patrons in your establishment, do you really want to risk having them leave over it?

It’s important to ensure your customers receive the best experience, and a cell phone caddy charging station will guarantee that. Our team has carefully designed a tabletop wireless phone charger that will enhance your customers’ experience on a whole new level, giving them access to built-in retractable charging cords for an iPhone, Android, or USB-C. Give your bar or restaurant The Hookup edge by getting the best innovative bartop cell phone caddy charging station on the market.

The Original Hookup Bar Caddy

The Original Hookup Bar Caddy is a traditional service station for your napkins and straws at the bar. Our unique tabletop phone charging station features built-in retractable cords to provide your customers with an easy and convenient charge. Our cell phone charging caddy comes with a high-quality 12V 8A AC adapter, so you’ll be sure to keep your patrons happy and charged all night long.

The Hookup Dock With Qi Wireless Charging

Let your customers know you mean business. The Hookup Dock is a tabletop wireless charger that is portable, battery-operated, and can accommodate both wireless and wired charging. This innovative piece of tech uses Qi technology that allows wireless power transfer to compatible devices. Stand out even more by using the sides of your tabletop phone charging station to advertise your logo so your patrons remember exactly which place has the best bar and restaurant cell phone charging station around!

The Hookup Table Dock With Qi Wireless Charging

The Hookup Table Dock is a convenient portable disc that customers can take tableside to wirelessly or wire charge their devices. This Qi tabletop disc phone charger is the perfect charging solution for customers with a low or dead battery. Our premium wireless charging disc accommodates Qi-enabled devices.

With instant access to a complimentary cell phone charging caddy, your customers will appreciate the service, giving you the opportunity to build loyalty and retention. Browse our shop to purchase the best cell phone charging station for your establishment.