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Phone Chargers for Restaurants

The need to stay connected to each other through our mobile devices has become quite the norm. What’s becoming increasingly common because of it is having a portable charger for when you’re on-the-go. But what happens when you forget your charger and your phone dies? It wouldn’t be uncommon to rush home or go to your car to charge up your device.

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As inconvenient as that is, having a charged cell phone is vital, especially when you’re out and about. An increasing number of establishments are searching for a solution to retain customers and give them the means to charge their phone without feeling the need to leave. Luckily, The Hookup Bar Caddy has that solution: Hookup 2 Charge Up.

Restaurants or bars in need of a cell phone charging station turn to our online shop to purchase our innovative charging solutions. Each of our products has built-in retractable cables to support multiple devices at once. Simply place your restaurant, bar, or waiting room phone charging station on a tabletop and watch as the feeling of relief is cast over your anxious customers!

How Will a Bar Caddy Phone Charger Improve my Establishment?

When your bar or restaurant customer’s cell phone dies, they will likely ask you for a quick charge before searching elsewhere for a charging station. Often, workers will offer to charge their customer’s phones on their personal chargers. Not only does this take time away from their job, but customers might feel anxious about not being able to keep their phone on their person.

The Hookup Bar Caddy Co. aims to alleviate that inconvenience. With our conveniently placed bartop phone charger, you won’t have to take time away from your job to charge another phone, nor will your customers have to end the night short because of a dead cell phone battery. Our bar caddy phone chargers improve customer experience and retention by providing them a bartop phone charger they can use at their convenience.

Restaurant table phone chargers offer many benefits to both you and your customers. Knowing your establishment offers a mobile charging station will urge customers to refer your site and return to it themselves. Restaurant, bar, and waiting room charging stations are on the rise, and it’s large in part due to the fact that these charging solutions produce an overwhelmingly positive customer response.

Here are some other benefits of our mobile charging devices:


  • Improve customer engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Provide a solution to an ongoing problem
  • Customers will recommend your business
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Encourage customer loyalty
  • Advertising on the device increases brand awareness
  • It’s a competitive advantage

Innovative Phone Chargers for Restaurants

The Original Hookup Bar Caddy

This restaurant table phone charger is used as a service station for napkins and straws at the bar, with added features for charging capabilities. The Hookup Bar Caddy phone charging station includes built-in retractable cords that allow multiple users to charge their phone at once.

The Hookup Dock with Qi Wireless Charging

This tabletop charging station is portable, battery-operated, and can accommodate wireless charging with Qi technology. Get The Hookup Dock to give your bar or restaurant customers instant access to a phone charging station right when they need it.

The Hookup Table Dock with Qi Wireless Charging

Customers love being able to take our portable charging disc by their tableside. It’s wireless charging capabilities makes this Qi tabletop disc the perfect charging solution for customers in need of a quick charge.

Showing all 3 results