The Hookup Disc w/ Wireless Charging


Give your customers a charger to use while waiting for their order.
When the order is up, their charger will buzz or beep.
Comes with shown keypad for paging customers.

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Tabletop Wired and Wireless Charging unit.  Upgrade your customer experience.  Custom logo available!

  • Use with or without paging function.
  • Save on price by ordering without pager function.
  • Charge two devices at once.

Additional information

Ultra Power Bank Station Features:
1. With Patent.
2. With 6pcs 5000mAh Power bank.
3. With customized 3D or 2D or Logo ads on it.
4. Input and output with Quick charger function.

Product Size:
Power bank size: 108X108X15.5mm.
Charging Base size: 120X130X22mm


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Product Specs

  • Power bank size 108X108X15.5mm
  • Charging Base size 120X130X22mm
  • Power bank size 108X108X15.5mm
  • Charging Base size 108X108X15.5mm