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4 Ways Phone Chargers Will Improve Your Customers’ Experience

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Businesses don’t just thrive off of revenue, they need to generate long-lasting relationships. Bars are one of those businesses that attract loyal and returning customers — and believe it or not, it’s not just because of the booze. Creating a steady stream of regulars requires innovation and creativity, and that’s why bars are incorporating The Hookup Bar Caddy into their establishment.

The Hookup Bar Caddy enhances customer experience on a whole new level. Our bar caddy is the only bar caddy that is designed with built-in retractable charging tips for iPhone, Android, and USB-C. With access to a free charger, customers won’t feel like they need to cut the night short due to a dead cell battery. By keeping your customers’ needs in mind, you’ll be providing them a highly desired amenity that is mutually benefitting. Your customers will remain powered and connected, all while being extremely relieved, grateful, and happy for your complimentary, phone-saving service. It’s customer experience like this that keeps them coming back again and again. Check out this infographic that lists four ways The Hookup Bar Caddy will improve your customers’ experience, and then continue reading below as we delve into each point:

A charged phone will allow customers to relax, enjoy their time out and stay longer

When your customers are enjoying a drink or having dinner at your bar, keeping their phone charged will allow them to focus more on having a good time, and less about their dead phone. We’ve all experienced low battery anxiety at some point; and the worst time to have that intense, unsettling feeling is when you’re out and have no access to a charger. Luckily, this is your moment to swoop in and save the day! No more visits to the car to charge, no more huddling around a charging station. Customers stay at the bar and their tables longer.

They’ll be charged UP for the ride home!

After leaving the bar, your customers will have a fully-charged phone for their ride home. Whether they’re driving home responsibly, or catching an Uber or Lyft, they will have access to their phone to get home safely.

Leave work with a dead battery, leave the restaurant with a charged phone

Many people hit up a bar or restaurant after work for dinner or to socialize with colleagues or friends. However, by the time five o’clock rolls around, many of us leave work with a low or dead battery. Your customers won’t have to contemplate whether or not they should go out; instead, they’ll appreciate knowing their favorite bar has a complementary charger waiting for them.

Avoid trips to the car or huddling around a charging station

For many people, a dead battery equates to an actual emergency — in that moment, at least. A dead cell phone battery leads to hogging chargers, taking inconvenient trips to the car, and huddling around a charging station. Why let your customers slip away from a perfectly good time at your bar to go charge their phone? With The Hookup’s multiple retractable chargers, your customers can comfortably share the charging space without having to get up from their seat.

When your customers see a line of these innovative caddies with your logo slapped around the sides, they’ll be sure to remember which bar offers this convenient, complementary service. Purchase The Hookup Bar Caddy today and create a memorable and impactful bar experience that produces long-lasting connections — with your patrons and their phones.

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