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A Charged Phone Could Save You Money on the Uber Ride Home

Has a low cell battery ever prompted you to cut the night short? While the convenience of being able to call an Uber from your phone certainly helps, you may have noticed the inconvenience of surge prices. Surge pricing is adjusted when there are more riders in the area than there are drivers. Uber prices typically surge during rush hour, and later in the evening. Sure, supply and demand have a part in this, but so does your dying phone. 

A Low Cell Battery Provokes Surge Pricing

The AI, or artificial intelligence, and data integrated into the app assumes that you are willing to pay those surge prices, and if we’re being honest, you probably are. Because of your low cell battery, the need for a ride has become more urgent, and Uber is using that to their advantage. When your phone battery is dying, the app will switch to “power saving mode” and Uber picks up on this.

If you’re battery is about to die, you’re more than likely going to accept whatever offer you’re given, because let’s face it, you can’t risk waiting another 15 minutes to see if the price drops. We understand not everyone carries a portable charger, but wouldn’t it be convenient to pop into a local establishment to get a quick charge? The Hookup Bar Caddy allows you to do just that. Check out the video below to find out more:

Hookup 2 ChargeUp

The best way to avoid surge pricing is to make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged, or at least in the green zone. If you’re a business owner, you would be doing your customers, and yourself, a huge favor by providing them the means to charge their phone. We don’t expect you to stick a bunch of charging cables in a power strip and offer a free charge behind the register. Instead, place The Hookup Bar Caddy on your bar top or tables for customers to charge their phones on their own. Access to a free charger will keep your customers there and save them money on an expensive ride home.

The Original Hookup Bar Caddy functions as a typical bar caddy, with innovative charging capabilities. It’s the only bar caddy that features multiple built-in retractable charging tips for iPhone, Android, and USB-C. At The Hookup Bar Caddy, we also provide a standard portable charging dock, as well as a wireless charging disc. Why let your customers spend money on surge pricing when they could be spending money in your restaurant or bar? Browse our selection of portable charging stations and be the solution your customers need.