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Benefits Phone Charging Stations Can Bring to Your Bar

Many bar owners assume that the phone charging stations they see at some restaurants are simply promotional items that liquor distributors hand out without chargers built in. But the portable bar top caddies we supply here at The Hookup come with both wired and wireless battery options, allowing you to provide phone juice to your customers no matter where they are within your establishment. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of phone charging stations!

Build Brand Awareness

One of the best ways to create social media buzz is to provide state-of-the-art tech amenities to your customers. A phone charging station can help boost your brand awareness because it distinguishes you from many local competitors.

Attract More Customers

Once word gets out that your bar has phone charging stations, people who are running low on battery will choose your bar if they happen to be bar hopping in the area. Moreover, some people may stop in just to charge up and order drinks to pass the time.

The Innovation Appeal

You can improve your brand’s image by upgrading it with modern tech solutions. Phone charging stations have become somewhat common in recent years, but the businesses that do provide them appeal to consumers as modern and innovative. 

Promotions & Advertising

Our charging docks, discs, and bar caddies can be customized with a graphic of your choice, allowing you to promote in-house specials, business partners, and more. The possibilities are endless — just send us your design, and we’ll slap it on there!

Keep Your Business Charged

Aside from keeping customers charged, you and your workers can use charging stations as well! Customers should get first priority, but it’s important for your business devices to stay charged, too — you can get an employee-only charging dock if you’d like. 

If you are interested in equipping your bar or restaurant with cell phone charging stations, look no further than The Hookup. Get your business hooked up to the demands of modern-day customers today with our customizable bar caddies and charging docks!

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A Charged Phone Could Save You Money on the Uber Ride Home

Has a low cell battery ever prompted you to cut the night short? While the convenience of being able to call an Uber from your phone certainly helps, you may have noticed the inconvenience of surge prices. Surge pricing is adjusted when there are more riders in the area than there are drivers. Uber prices typically surge during rush hour, and later in the evening. Sure, supply and demand have a part in this, but so does your dying phone. Continue reading A Charged Phone Could Save You Money on the Uber Ride Home

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4 Ways Phone Chargers Will Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Hookup 2 ChargeUp

Businesses don’t just thrive off of revenue, they need to generate long-lasting relationships. Bars are one of those businesses that attract loyal and returning customers — and believe it or not, it’s not just because of the booze. Creating a steady stream of regulars requires innovation and creativity, and that’s why bars are incorporating The Hookup Bar Caddy into their establishment.

The Hookup Bar Caddy enhances customer experience on a whole new level. Our bar caddy is the only bar caddy that is designed with built-in retractable charging tips for iPhone, Android, and USB-C. With access to a free charger, customers won’t feel like they need to cut the night short due to a dead cell battery. By keeping your customers’ needs in mind, you’ll be providing them a highly desired amenity that is mutually benefitting. Your customers will remain powered and connected, all while being extremely relieved, grateful, and happy for your complimentary, phone-saving service. It’s customer experience like this that keeps them coming back again and again. Check out this infographic that lists four ways The Hookup Bar Caddy will improve your customers’ experience, and then continue reading below as we delve into each point:

A charged phone will allow customers to relax, enjoy their time out and stay longer

When your customers are enjoying a drink or having dinner at your bar, keeping their phone charged will allow them to focus more on having a good time, and less about their dead phone. We’ve all experienced low battery anxiety at some point; and the worst time to have that intense, unsettling feeling is when you’re out and have no access to a charger. Luckily, this is your moment to swoop in and save the day! No more visits to the car to charge, no more huddling around a charging station. Customers stay at the bar and their tables longer.

They’ll be charged UP for the ride home!

After leaving the bar, your customers will have a fully-charged phone for their ride home. Whether they’re driving home responsibly, or catching an Uber or Lyft, they will have access to their phone to get home safely.

Leave work with a dead battery, leave the restaurant with a charged phone

Many people hit up a bar or restaurant after work for dinner or to socialize with colleagues or friends. However, by the time five o’clock rolls around, many of us leave work with a low or dead battery. Your customers won’t have to contemplate whether or not they should go out; instead, they’ll appreciate knowing their favorite bar has a complementary charger waiting for them.

Avoid trips to the car or huddling around a charging station

For many people, a dead battery equates to an actual emergency — in that moment, at least. A dead cell phone battery leads to hogging chargers, taking inconvenient trips to the car, and huddling around a charging station. Why let your customers slip away from a perfectly good time at your bar to go charge their phone? With The Hookup’s multiple retractable chargers, your customers can comfortably share the charging space without having to get up from their seat.

When your customers see a line of these innovative caddies with your logo slapped around the sides, they’ll be sure to remember which bar offers this convenient, complementary service. Purchase The Hookup Bar Caddy today and create a memorable and impactful bar experience that produces long-lasting connections — with your patrons and their phones.

For more information on the benefits of The Hookup Bar Caddy, contact us today!


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Everyone’s Talking about The Hookup Bar Caddy — But What Is it?

As a bartender or restaurant owner, you see one common issue arise in your establishment, time after time after time.

“Can I get a charge?”

If you only had a dollar for every customer who asked you that, as they passed a mobile phone with a dead, dark screen across the bar top. You wouldn’t have to work another day in your life!

Witnessing this scene is exactly how “The Hookup” came to be. For every problem, there is a solution — in this case, a simple and convenient one.

What Is The Hookup?

The Hookup is a bar caddy for bars and restaurants that features built-in retractable charging cables for cell phones. The Hookup comes with a high-quality 12V 8A AC adapter, so you can keep your patrons happy and charged all night long.

Why This Bar Caddy Is so Essential for Your Establishment?

Far too often do we go through the night, mindlessly using our phones to surf social media or text friends, only to be confounded when our bright screens go dark. Whatever the reason, a dead battery does you and your patrons no good when all they want is to stay out and enjoy themselves at your bar. The Hookup is designed to help both bartenders and patrons deal with this dilemma in a quick and easy manner.

After just one night of using The Hookup, bar owners witness the demand for an accessible charge and how it keeps their customers happy and “hydrated.” Not convinced yet? Check out these three reasons bar owners love The Hookup bar caddy, and then continue reading below as we expand further on each point:

Focus on Serving Your Patrons & Bringing in Those Tips

While you may feel obligated to help a customer with a quick charge, the distraction from your work can hinder your ability to provide efficient service to the rest of your patrons. With The Hookup, you can avoid having to stop what you’re doing to charge someones phone; instead, they can do it themselves.

Save the Day: Be There in Their Time of Need

This innovative bar caddy is easy to use and can be accessed by three different people. The retractable wires allow nearby users to comfortably charge their phone without invading each other’s space.

A Charged Phone = A Ride Home

The Hookup is also meant to keep people safe during their night out. Don’t let your patrons slip away as they search for a charging station away from your bar. With The Hookup, they can safely charge their phone at the bar and order another drink while they wait for their ride.

The Hookup is a simple solution for the recurring problem you see every day at work. With these unique bar caddies spread across your crowded, wooden countertop, your patrons will be eager to spend hours — and money — at the bar. Get The Hookup Bar Caddy today and give your patrons another reason to stay put, and keep coming back.